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What is the cost of setting up a cafeteria in Dubai


There is no doubt that UAE is one of the fastest growing economy. And restaurant industry is one of the top business in Dubai. In last seven years we have seen that this is one of the rapidly growing industry in Dubai. According to survey of Euromonitor International Dubai is expecting almost 21,000 dining restaurants are expected to open in Dubai till the end of 2019.

Why Cafeteria Industry is Growing in Dubai?

  • Customers from all over the globe. According to survey 152 countries Nationals are living in Dubai which includes Europeans, Americans, Middle Eastern, Asians
  • Tourism is also one of the factors for this industry because Dubai is one of the top destinations for tourism
  • Strong Government policies for food quality and quality environment
  • Stable and growing economy

Cafeteria Licensing Procedure:

Before opening a cafeteria or coffee shop in Dubai you need to do proper working through a consultant which involved planning, procedure, costing and other requirements. Because everyone has few questions in mind, like
  • What will be cost of license?
  • What will be shop rent?
  • How much local sponsor will charge?
  • What are the best options to save cost for setting up a cafeteria?
  • How many employees I can hire?

Steps to get the Cafeteria License:

To setup a cafeteria you need to approvals from Department of Economic Development (DED), Tasheel, Amer, Dubai Municipality and also from Food Safety Departments.


1. Initial Approvals – To open a cafeteria in Dubai you need to prepare you file for Initial approvals from Tasheel and Department of Economic Development.

2. Costing – Costing to get this license may differ according to location, shop space and no. of employees etc. etc.

3. Ejari – After initial approvals you have to provide the Ejari of the shop of your cafeteria to DED for further procedure.

4. Local Sponsor – You also need a local sponsor to get license, local sponsor will have share of 51% in the license.

5. Other Approvals – After all above procedure you to take approvals from all other relevant departments.

6. License Fee – After getting approvals you have to pay fee for license.

7. Visa Quota – As you will get documents of your business you need to apply for visa quota to hire employees.

8. Bank Account – After getting the documents apply for corporate bank account.

What is the Cost for setting up a Cafeteria in Dubai?



Initial Approval from Tasheel


Trade Name Approval


Initial Approval






Ejari Fee


License Fee


Immigration Card Fee


Foreign Trade Name Fee


Company Stamp


Local Sponsor Fee


Labor Card Fee


P.O. Box Fee


Market Fee – 2.5 % of annual shop rent

As per shop space

NOTE: All above mentioned fees can be changed according to Government policies.

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